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Viking gas range burners won't light

Try This If Your Viking Gas Range Burners Won’t Light

When it comes to gas ranges, the Viking brand goes straight to the top. A Viking range looks intimidating, but its manageable professional-grade technology can transform an amateur cook into a culinary conqueror. However, its two-thumbs-up reputation doesn’t ward off the occasional issue, like if your Viking gas range burners won’t light. A number of factors can contribute to this common issue including power connection, moisture build-up, and a faulty igniter. We’ll explore some usual causes and DIY solutions so you can get back to showing off your impressive cooking skills.

Viking Gas Range Burners Won’t Light?
Let’s Solve the Problem.

The most simple causes can factor into your Viking stove burners not igniting. Thankfully, a simple reason can sometimes be rectified with a fairly simple solution. Your Viking system could require a well-trained eye, but our troubleshooting suggestions and maintenance tips can save you time and prevent future hassle.

Check the Power and Gas Connections

Weeding out poor power connection is an ideal start to gain back the spark. Though it’s a gas range, it still requires electricity to light the burners. If the wires that connect the igniter to the control module don’t maintain a solid connection, you won’t get the necessary spark to ignite the burners. This means using an extension cord for connection belongs on the DON’T shelf. Here are a few easy steps to rediscover the spark:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the wall or flip the breaker switch to kill the power.
  2. Remove the grate and burner cap from the burner.
  3. Detach the sealed burner base and look for any loose connections or wires.
  4. Secure loose connections and fasten any disconnected wires.
  5. Reinstall the burner base, cap, and grate.
  6. Restore power and try the connection.
gas stove igniter won't spark

Clean Your Viking Range Burners

The most immaculate cooktops can still collect dirt, debris, and food particles around the burners. This build-up can cause blockage in the ports and the igniter that can eventually hamper gas flow to the burner. Due to the range’s sealed burners, specific techniques are required to ensure a safe cleaning experience. Follow these tips on how to clean Viking range burners.

  1. Turn off all burners and wait for them to completely cool.
  2. Remove the burner rings and caps.
  3. Use water and mild dish detergent or a commercial degreaser to dampen a soft cloth then wipe the burner rings and caps. To avoid soaking the igniter, don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the burner.
  4. Rinse each component in warm, running water. Refrain from placing these components in the dishwasher as the heat and hot water can ruin their enamel coating.
  5. Dry with a clean towel, blowing out any remaining soap or solution from the caps’ holes.
  6. Carefully scrub burner ports with an unused toothbrush, removing visible blockages with a straightened paper clip.
  7. Reassemble the burner rings and caps, allowing 5-10 for the burner assembly to dry.

Check for Moisture around the Burners

Whether you’re a professional chef hosting a virtual cooking class or a textbook bachelor planning an at-home dinner date, cooking can often turn your kitchen into a warzone. Every spill and splash can leave residual moisture on the igniter, preventing the burner from lighting. Cleaning solutions sprayed directly on the burner can also cause a burner not to light.

If your Viking gas range burners won’t light after the cleaning process, let the igniter air dry for a bit to allow any lingering moisture to evaporate. If you’re in a time crunch, use a paper towel to lightly pat the igniter dry before giving it 5-10 minutes to air dry completely.

Replace the Faulty Igniter

If your gas stove igniter won’t spark after you’ve cleared debris from the burner base and secured any loose connections, you might have a faulty igniter. To gauge if the igniter needs replacement, switch the lights in the room off and turn the control knob to ignite position. If the igniter produces a yellow or orange color as opposed to the appropriate bright bluish-white, an igniter replacement is probably necessary.

If your Viking gas range burners won’t light after going through these troubleshooting tips, it’s time for a professional diagnosis. Call Action Appliance today to get an assessment from a Viking range repair Providence expert.

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