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LG dryer not drying

Is Your LG Dryer Not Heating Up? Try This…

Washers and dryers are the ideal babysitters – you drop your clothes in the washer for an hour, transfer them to the dryer for another hour, and pick them up when the dryer calls. Underpinned by its energy-conserving, tech-trending approach, an LG dryer in particular is one of the most entrusted and affordable babysitters. So, it’s quite a shock when you find wet clothes in your usually-reliable dryer after a cycle. Why are my clothes still damp after drying? Let’s troubleshoot some reasons for your LG dryer not heating as it should.

What to Do with an LG Dryer Not Heating Properly

An LG dryer not heating sufficiently not only hampers your schedule, but it also negatively impacts your laundry if not addressed quickly. It’s important to note that an LG dryer not drying, though rare, is a common occurrence that can stem from multiple operator-manipulated sources. Before renouncing the LG name, discover some possible problems and DIY solutions to ensure total cleanliness for your clothes and your routine.

dryer won't heat
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Clogged Dryer Vent

One of the most common problems associated with an LG dryer not drying completely is a blockage in the dryer vent. Even with routine lint trap cleanings, the exhaust vent can grow clogged with lint over time. This can result in restricted airflow and lengthier dryer drying spans. It’s imperative to inspect the vent, straightening any kinks and making sure it’s positioned at a 45-degree angle. If everything appears to be in decent shape, try cleaning the vent annually with these five easy steps.

  1. Disconnect the dryer
  2. Remove lint with a soft nylon brush or a hose vacuum
  3. Remove the exhaust hood from your home’s exterior
  4. Vacuum or brush out any lint and debris from the venting
  5. Replace the exhaust hood and reconnect the dryer

Overloading LG Dryer

A dryer’s capacity is no exception to the age-old saying of having “too much on your plate.” Though it’s a logical concept that the more items the dryer is tasked with drying, the longer it’ll take to accurately dry each item, it’s a concept that’s commonly overlooked. It’s understandable; why increase your laundry time and your utility bill when there’s a chance to knock it out in one shot? Chances are, however, it’ll take two cycles to dry an overcrowded load thoroughly. Check your use and care manual to calculate the suggested capacity for your model dryer. It’s recommended filling it 3/4 of the way full allows for effective air circulation.

LG Dryer Not Heating

Blown Thermal Fuse

Exploring the thermal fuse is a surefire starting point when assessing why your dryer won’t heat. The thermal fuse is a safety device that is triggered when the dryer starts to overheat. The fuse should be closed in order to maintain a continuous flow along a clear electrical path. When overheated the path is broken, causing a flaw in the electrical path. To check for clean continuity, it’s best to perform a multimeter test.

Simply use a probe to touch one of the fuse’s terminals and the second probe to touch the other terminal. If the multimeter’s reading shows zero ohms of resistance the fuse has continuity, meaning the fuse is in good shape. If the multimeter’s needle does not move or the meter’s display doesn’t change significantly, there is no continuity, which means the fuse needs replacement.

Broken LG Dryer Heating Element

The heating element on an LG dryer warms the air before entering the dryer drum. Over time, the element’s overheating can burn out, prompting the dryer not to heat. To figure out if this is the case, whip out the trusty multimeter to test for continuity. As with the thermal fuse, if the heating element displays zero continuity, it more than likely needs replacing.

Is your LG dryer not heating after going through these steps? It might be time to consult a professional to bring the heat back to your dryer. Contact Action Appliance today for the best LG dryer repair Providence has to offer.

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